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Providing Full Range Of Transportation Worldwide.

Safe and Reliable Warehousing and 3PL Solutions.


Following the quality of our service thus having gained trust of our many clients.


We provide with cargo safety throughout all the stages of our delivery process.

Warehousing and Distribution in Supply chain management integrates supply and demand management within and across companies. Supply Chain Management is incomplete without Warehouse management and hence  Warehouse management is the most vital aspect of every supply chain management organization. Warehousing and Distribution are important in supply chain management as it allows for timely delivery and optimized distribution, resulting in increased labor productivity and greater customer satisfaction. It also helps reduce errors and damage within the order fulfillment process. Moreover, it prevents your goods from getting lost or stolen during handling.

It envelopes the planning, execution, and management of all the activities and responsibilities in sourcing and procurement. It involves the coordination and collaboration with the channel partners, suppliers, intermediaries, 3PL Bhiwandi, Mumbai service providers, and lastly   consumers.

We provide technology-driven, automated warehousing in Mumbai and Warehousing in Maharashtra; solutions that are professionally designed to support our client with their dynamic needs of global sourcing and distribution on a local level.

We present ourselves as an expert providing design solutions on efficient storage management for automatic data identification and data capture (AIDC) technology with our experienced team. We have well trained on the floor staff, who are experts in various activities like picking, packing, kitting, scanning based operations etc.

Our team at ILSPL  a 3PL contract logistics company Mumbai providing vlaue-added services and warehousing in Maharashtra believes and practices safe and systematic storage, along with systematic handling of materials with accuracy, maintaining the on-time records & on time order processing, to ensure on time deliveries. Our system driven approach provides regular updates of inventory to our clients through email and with our WMS. This in turn results in benefiting our clients with the ability to effectively manage inventory, processing orders, track shipments. Moreover, our systems are very well equipped for the flexibility to integrate existing inventory management systems of our client, if required.

Vision, Mission & Values


We believe in providing efficient warehousing services with greater quality by ensuring customer satisfaction as our prime motto. We focus on maximizing the optimization of the supply chain which helps us in enhancing utmost customer satisfaction. 


To involve personally and professionally to collaborate expertise, talent, passion, enthusiasm, and perseverance for every customer every time. As a fulfillment center, our mission is to strive to fulfill the demands and the customizable requirements of consumers with an approach to improving responsiveness and building a strong consumer network. 

Core Value

o   Integrity

o   Customer delight

o   Systems and process

o   Technology and automation

Honesty and integrity are the values we follow and encourage. We convey a positive, dependable experience to all of our clients while offering extraordinary worth in the commercial center and setting the norm for impressive skill in the strategic arrangements we give. We are agile, broad-minded, and enthusiastic about innovation to provide value-added logistics services, and we count those qualities among the key strengths that make us so effective at providing our clients with the supply chain management solutions they need. 

Why Choose Us

We offer flexible 3PL solutions along with visibility regardless of your business platform, whether direct-to-store, direct-to-distributor, or direct-to-consumer. Our continuous spotlight on innovation, steady, long-tenured service force, and plenty of accessible space give us the flex capacity to fulfill occasional needs. 

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For more than a decade ILSPL has been a reliable partner in the field of warehouse.

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