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We understand the failures in the inventory management process and thus it becomes very critical to manage the inventories efficiently. Inventory Management is one of the significant resources we manage and monitor securely. It likewise costs cash to store, track and guarantee stock.

Inventory Management of VAS and Fulfillment center is the administration of inventory stock. A business' stock is one of the significant resources which needs to be managed and monitored securely. It likewise costs cash to store, track and guarantee stock. It is a multi-layered strategy, predominantly for greater associations, however, the essentials are in a general sense the equivalent no matter what the association's size or type.

Our process of Receipt management deals with organizing, filing, and profiting through keeping accurate and complete track of receipts. Our staff involved with this process ensures secure tracking, storage, and handling of business receipts at various levels of inbound processes.

Receipts like Expense receipts are the ones issued by providers when a Business buys labor and products. These incorporate things like service bills as well as actual merchandise.Client receipts are issued by organizations when a client buys labor and products.

For any great web-based receipt the executive’s framework will have clear arrangements to store the two sorts of receipts, keeping them isolated. While following the primary sort of cost receipt assists with estimations of benefit and misfortune, overseeing client receipts assists a business with following its day-to-day pay.


A picklist generation in VAS and Fulfillment center is an important document that contains all the information i.e., shipping data, location of the products, and the number of items to be picked from a particular warehouse. The picklists are generated in a digital format with the use of the Warehouse Management System. A pick list is a report shipped off your warehouses to satisfy a client request. A picklist conveys the things they should recover from stock capacity, including stock SKU, amounts, and areas. When a pick list is produced, the request satisfaction interaction can start.

A pick list permits warehouse center administration to keep the picking system coordinated by relegating requests to every picker so they generally have the following arrangement of orders lined up when one is picked.


We understand the process of Assembling and its criticality of merging two or more discrete components to create a single end-use object that may subsequently be shipped is known as an Assembly. Hence, our staff carries out the process of assembly in a very effective manner to save time and get the SKUs shipped quicker. Our team is capable of understanding how to streamline the shipment processes that are cost-optimized and which are easy for the clients to track their shipments. Kitting process involves grouping and packaging two or more similar items into one ready-to-ship kit with a single SKU to be sold as a single item.

Kitting and Assembly appear to be similar therein they both refer to the process of putting together components, but they're not the same. Typically, this can involve a group of individuals on the assembly line whom each perform a single task. The merchandise is then passed down the line to the next worker, then on until it reaches the end of the process.

We have the flexibility to provide you with the most efficient assembly lines and kitting service for your products, fulfilling your company’s needs and with future expansion. Our production line production employs a competent assembly-line workforce, also as error-proofing technologies and infrastructure, to efficiently piece together elements for a final product.


In warehouse management, the packing process is the step right after the Picking process. At ILSPL, warehousing in Bhiwandi ,here all the orders are packed carefully by our efficient service floor staff, to pack the SKU that nurtures the SKUs within to avoid any further damage.Further, the package is weighed and labeled with the right shipping address.

Moving and putting away things in the warehouse center is vital for an organization. To expand the capacity limit of a warehouse center, the organization ought to foster its packing so that the stock can be put away effectively. Packing permits a specific number of things to be put away securely and effectively, and the expense of materials dealing with will be diminished. Clients who will buy products will likewise profit from effective packaging.


Labeling products helps to organize and track them throughout a warehouse, store, or shipment. This process includes the name of the product, a barcode for tracking, product information, and sometimes the SKU number. At ILSPL, we carry out the process of Labeling into segments according to the requirement of the consumers. We provide the product name and its details, barcode, price, and SKU details when required. Along with that, we also provide the alteration of initial labels as required.


Returns management is a process in retail and e-commerce that starts with customers wishing to return a product and ends with the business collecting, organizing, and restocking that product. By properly managing returned products you'll significantly cut losses by using undamaged returned items to restock warehouse inventory for resale. Returns management, or reverse logistics, goes beyond the ultimate delivery and is not used for every customer order. A returns management process is a component of customer support, part logistics, and part inventory management. Returns Management is an integral aspect of any eCommerce business. If you set the proper systems and processes in place, it can improve customer service as well as help boost your profits by repurposing products that are returned. We are experts at managing all kinds of logistics and can handle the burden of implementing and managing all of the various processes.

We deal with this process with great efficiency and provide the optimization of the flow of SKUs with information throughout our supply chain because Returns Management is the most challenging process. After all, it is what gains the trust and reliability of the clients. It is not just collecting back the SKU from the customer but the process which starts after that.

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